Faith Quilters


Our Faith quilters are a phenomenal group of women who quilt four days a  month for eight months of the year.  From September through May they  quilt the second and fourth Monday and Tuesdays from 9am until 3pm.   (They do however take the month of December off).  They have been known  to quilt up to 360 quilts in one year!  Their quilts have been sent to shelters around Kandiyohi County along with many other countries through Lutheran World Relief.  


On quilting days they iron fabric, cut pieces, sew tops and backs, pin quilts together, tie them with yarn and lastly sew the quilts together.  Each volunteer helps where they are most comfortable working at church or at home. They welcome anyone who is interested in helping with their projects.  Make sure you bring a bag lunch and get ready for some wonderful fellowship.  


Once a year Faith also has a special offering for the Faith Quilters.  Any  money donated goes toward the cost of shipping these quilts and their batting.  One quilt typically costs $2.25 to ship.  The batting is one the greatest expenses as a bundle of batting runs about $54.  Donations of fabric, thread and batting are welcome at anytime.  This is how the group is able to continue making these beautiful and necessary quilts. 

Each year our graduating seniors receive a beautiful handmade quilt just for them.